Frosty welcome for Tesco superstore bid

Major proposals to build a massive new Tesco superstore in Felixstowe today came under fire.

FELIXSTOWE: Major proposals to build a massive new Tesco superstore in Felixstowe today came under fire.

The Evening Star revealed the multi-million pound plans for the 30-acre development on Saturday.

Residents and retailers are being urged to make their views heard as one district councillor vows to fight the plans.

Mike Deacon, Suffolk Coastal District councillor for Felixstowe North, said he has been “horrified” by the plans which he believes will have a massive impact on independent businesses in the area.

“It is an appalling suggestion and another attack on green field sites,” he said. “It has taken me completely by surprise.

“It will have an enormous impact on Walton high street. I can't think these plans will be welcomed by traders who will see business taken away if this goes ahead.

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“The high street is already very, very busy and this proposed shop could be open 24/7 which I don't think will be very welcome.

“Local infrastructure will not be able to cope with the superstore, 250 homes, hotel, and residential home.

“It is very important people know about these plans, that they realise the impact and it is very important they respond.”

The proposed 60,000sq ft superstore would be built on a field north of Walton High Road, along with 250 houses, including sheltered housing for the elderly, a 60-bed hotel, a pub, private medical facility, three small shops and three small business units plus a waste/energy centre.

There would also be a new road through the site linking High Road and Candlet Road, the Walton bypass off the A14.

Carol Jones, vice chairman of Felixstowe Chamber of Trade, said: The big question is why? Tesco's Martlesham store is only ten minutes away and we already have other supermarkets.”

Tim Collins, a partner in Bidwells, agents for the landowner Trinity College Cambridge, said: “This project could develop Walton as a district centre and provide a real focus.”

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Sarky Sage said: “Begs the question do we all want the whole of the UK to be owned by Tescos?

“Its time this 'We will also provide a housing estate' buttering-up of councils by developers desperate to get planning permission was put a stop to. The current government's superfluous excessive house building policy can be put a stop to next year when Labour are thrown out of power.”

Rosie said: “Not another Tesco. Are other Supermarkets ever given the chance to purchase land to build stores or is Tesco always given first option. Let's have a bit of competion please.

Ged Scott said: “That will be a wonderful idea, if Tesco's built a new superstore in Felixstowe. Anything that helps save people money in this recession era gets a plus in my book.

“If this store gets built, then most of the shopping can be done under one roof in the warm and best of all, saving us all money.”

Jill Catling of Felixstowe said: “The question should be WHY NOT! A town of this size and growing by the day should have the same choices as other large towns. So bring it on Tesco and the sooner the better.”