'Life-enhancing experience' - Ipswich choir joins Erasure at London's O2

Funky Voices at a 2017 charity concert for St Peter's on the Waterfront in Ipswich. Picture: FUNKY V

Funky Voices at a 2017 charity concert for St Peter's on the Waterfront in Ipswich. Picture: FUNKY VOICES - Credit: Funky Voices

An Ipswich-based choir joined Erasure on stage at the London O2 Arena – a warm-up for this weekend's firework display at Christchurch Park. 

Funky Voices, which has an Ipswich branch, joined the 80s synth-pop duo at the famous venue to perform two songs – hits Oh L'Amour and A Little Respect – to an audience of around 19,000 people. 

After more than 300 online rehearsals, joining Erasure on stage at the O2 on October 17 was a return to live music beyond the wildest dreams of so many of the singers.

The Ipswich Funky Voices choir on stage with Erasure in London

Funky Voices on stage at London's O2 Arena with Erasure - Credit: Funky Voices

A member of the vocal group said: "Seeing all those joyful faces in the audience was truly inspirational, and having the opportunity to perform at such an iconic venue where so many legends of the music industry have gone before was an amazing privilege. The whole day, and the build-up, have been a life-enhancing experience." 

The choir performance was kept a secret from all but the vocalists until they appeared on stage and was a big success with the audience. 

Andy Bell, singer and songwriter for Erasure, thanked the choir and musical director before leaving the stage. 

Funky Voices stayed in front of the audience for as long as possible to soak up the atmosphere, not wanting the night to end.

Funky Voices before their performance at the O2

The vocalists in the Funky Voices choir at the O2 - Credit: Funky Voices

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Musical director Sandra Colston said: "I can't put into words how proud and thrilled I am of the choir. This was as much of a dream for me as it was for them and they nailed a stellar performance alongside one of the greatest pop acts this country has ever produced. 

"I and all of our choir are so grateful to Andy and Vince for this opportunity to continue our great relationship with them. This was the most special of nights and will remain with us for a very long time indeed." 

Funky Voices previously collaborated with Erasure on a single for the 2015 BBC Children In Need Appeal. 

The choir will be bringing the music to Christchurch Park for the 50th annual firework display on Saturday November 6. 

Funky Voices is open to new singing members -- click here for more information. 

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