Fury over car park changes

MOTORISTS are today being warned they may face a hefty fine if they visit Felixstowe's most popular free car park twice in a short time.

MOTORISTS are today being warned they may face a hefty fine if they visit Felixstowe's most popular free car park twice in a short time.

Visitors to the East of England Co-operative Society car park at Great Eastern Square must make sure they do not return to the car park within two hours. This has dropped from four hours before Christmas.

Disabled woman Caroline Ault of Falkenham is furious she was one of the final people to get caught out before the changes and has now been given a �70 fine.

She said: “I didn't even stay the two-and-a-half hour maximum you are permitted and I had no idea you were not allowed to return.

“I think it is absolutely ridiculous and so many people could get caught out like this so easily.

“They need proper signs as you enter. It would be better to have a pay and display so if you were there extra hours you would pay for them.”

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And as revealed in yesterday's Evening Star as part of the package of new restrictions on the car park drivers can only stay two-and-a-half hours at a time or face a �70 fines.

Glynis Wood, of Bramford, Ipswich, received a fine after overstaying by 15 minutes and had been unaware that new restrictions had been brought in as she rarely shops in Felixstowe. She said she did not see any signs.

She said: “I will certainly not be visiting Felixstowe to shop for a good while as I feel so upset.

“I am such an active supporter of shopping and spending in local shops that I feel bitterly disappointment by this underhand method of collecting parking revenue.”

Miriam Harrup, communications manager for the Co-op, said the restrictions were brought in after complaints customers could not park because a considerable number of spaces were being used for long-term parking.

She said: “Before Christmas we reviewed the operation of the system and reduced the non-return time from four hours to two hours and improved the signage on the entrance and exit, which complies with the standard size and quantity of signs in other locations that use the ParkingEye system.

“Following the introduction of the new scheme we have found that the number of cars visiting the car park has increased significantly giving a greater turnover and access to the local facilities.”

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