Fury over parking problems

FED-up residents living near a Stowmarket health centre say parking problems have created a potential death trap.



FED-up residents living near a Stowmarket health centre say parking problems have created a potential death trap.

Harry Fishlock of Soames Close is urging the authorities to take note saying health centre users parking along Violet Hill Road are creating "an accident waiting to happen."

His concerns came to a head after he claimed a bus driver narrowly missed a small child.

Now Mr Fishlock is calling for urgent action.

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He said buses find it hard to stop in the road because of the continuous line of traffic and trying to find a solution is like "banging your head against a brick wall."

He argues the problem would be eased by visitors to health centre using car the adequate parking facilities provided, which are clearly marked in both directions.

"There is continuous parking along one side of Violet Hill Road which obscures traffic coming out of Soames Close," said 73-year-old Mr Fishlock. "Coming out of Soames Close you take your life in your hands because you can't see left or right.

"Traffic very often overhangs Soames Close."

On one occasion two lorries approaching each other got stuck. "One couldn't pull out because of the traffic so there was stalemate. How they got out of that I don't know."

He says residents have tried contacting the authorities, but to no avail.

"On flu jab day it world and his wife was there. It was ludicrous. It was so chaotic," said Mr Fishlock.

"Do we have to wait until someone gets hurt? The council said that they would look at the parking problem some time in the future. But when the future is your guess is as good as mine.

"The annoying part is that there are car parks provided by the health centre."

Penny Flack, practice business manager at Stow Health Centre, was very concerned.

She said they were doing everything they could to ensure people used the car parking facilities provided.

They have provided more car parking than they have ever had before. Patient parking is adequately signed in both directions, they have leaflets out and are verbally encouraging people to use the car parks. They also have disabled car parking facilities.

She urged people who wanted to make suggestions to do so and added car parking facilities are marked on their website www.stowhealth.co.uk

Meanwhile, a Suffolk County Council spokesman said they have received requests for something to be done in Violet Hill.

He said the situation will be looked at, along with other requests for parking restrictions in Stowmarket, later in the year.

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