Gallery: Adorable husky pups are an arctic surprise!

FELIXSTOWE: These six cuddly bundles of joy were never supposed to be born. Their parents were practising safe-sex, but despite their owner’s – and the vet’s – best efforts, mum and dad managed to get together and a million-to-one-chance happened, leading to half a dozen cute husky pups.

“It was an accidental pregnancy,” said owner Shelly Nash.

“When my Siberian husky bitch came into season we really didn’t want her to conceive because she is so young, and so we separated them and had the male castrated and put into kennels for a week.

“Then he came back after seven days... and did the deed! We spoke to the vet and he said it was a million-to-one-chance – but it did happen, and now we have six little darlings.

“It may have been safe-sex we were trying but he definitely wanted his line to continue.”

Mrs Nash, of The Walk, Walton, Felixstowe, bought dad Indiana Jones – a utonagan, a wolf-like husky-German shepherd-Alaskan malamute cross – when her 16-year-old labrador became progressively ill.

The pair of dogs became great friends but when the labrador died, Indiana pined and so she bought husky mum Shylar, now 13 months, and they immediately clicked.

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“The puppies are adorable, really beautiful,” she said.

“Indiana is such a good dad, too, and really looks after them.

“Because she is so young, mum has been really ill since the birth and I have had to hand-feed the six little ones every four hours for the past month, and dad has been great caring for them and making sure mum gets plenty of rest. He may look like a wolf but he’s really soppy.”

The pups – Keiko, Luna, Greycloud, Stormy Llewelyn, Dippy Dipstick and Hetty Wainwright – will all be going to new homes soon.

The breed is more used to the bitter chill of Siberia than the blazing Suffolk sun - but the new arrivals are protected from the heat by their thick coats which reflect rays.

“It is such hard work looking after them and there is no way I could cope with all of them,” said Mrs Nash, who has three grown-up children.

“Huskies need a five-mile walk every day because they have so much energy, but they love company and make wonderful pets.”

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