Gallery: Ahoy me hearties! Is this the most unusual garden in Felixstowe?

Tim Jones has transformed his back garden into a pirate ship.

Tim Jones has transformed his back garden into a pirate ship. - Credit: Su Anderson

It’s a pirate’s life for one man – who has taken it upon himself to build a pirate ship in his back garden.

But there’s no pillaging or pilfering for 47-year-old Tim Jones, who was inspired to build the ship after a themed birthday party.

Mr Jones, a caretaker at Felixstowe Academy, said: “I do themed parties for my birthday, and the pirate one sort of stuck.

“I’ve always liked pirates since I was a kid, and I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and everybody else is into the same sort of thing.”

The ship is 16ft wide and about 25ft long, with a mast measuring 20ft high.

He said: “It’s great. My friends come round with their children and for a family evening it fits people comfortably.

“You can see it from the road. When it first went up I could hear the children going ‘look mummy there’s a pirate ship!’

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“It’s quite an eye opener when people come over for the first time.

“It’s nice to sit in. I go out and have coffee and toast in the morning.

“You can get the sails and the flags flying, you get the gulls over you and you imagine you’re out at sea.”

It took Mr Jones, who moved to Felixstowe from Nottingham more than eight years ago, about three and a half months to build the ship. He added: “I did it on weekends, and odd hours, finding stuff from car boots and demolition places.

“It’s all reconditioned wood.

“I really put the hours in, I used to do landscaping. It’s something I really enjoyed. I do go all out when I have a party. We had a Halloween one on the ship once, and made it a ghost ship.

“It’s all just a bit of fun,

“No one seems to think I’m some sort of nutcase, I don’t go out dressed like a pirate.

“It’s nice to relax in and chill out. It fits all occasions.”

However, Mr Jones didn’t think he’d be doing much more to the ship: “You just add things as you go along, but I think it’s reached it’s peak. My friends’ kids love it, but I’m the biggest kid out there.

“I’m 47 going on 27.

“Life is what you make of it.”

Have you transformed your garden? What makes your home different to the average house in your street?