Gallery: Child’s play to mark Chinese New Year

Children at Ormiston Childrens Centre, Ipswich take part in Chinese New Year celebrations during a S

Children at Ormiston Childrens Centre, Ipswich take part in Chinese New Year celebrations during a Stay & Play Session - Credit: Archant

Discover what the children at this Stay and Play group did to celebrate Chinese New Year

With glitter-covered noodles everywhere and lots of colouring in to do, this bunch of youngsters embraced messy play.

Ormiston Children’s and Families Trust’s Stay and Play group teaches children about a variety of life skills through fun-filled activities.

The group’s sessions are perfect for youngsters who are brimming with energy and keen to explore what the world around them has to offer.

Last week, the group’s session taught the tots all about the Chinese New Year celebration through fun activities, crammed full of things to play with.

Sarah Brown, senior practitioner at the Felixstowe Road charity, said children enjoyed playing with the egg noodles and getting to create lots of mess.

“We do encourage messy play, incorporated with learning, which is easy for children.

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“We had lots going on for the Chinese New Year’s session. They were playing with noodles which were covered with glitter to stop them trying to eat it all – although some of them gave it a good go.

“We were also teaching them about the Year of the Snake and to do that we had lots of colouring in. We also had prawn crackers for snacks.

“The children do always really enjoy everything we have going on. It is also great for the parents because there is a great social side to it,” she said.

“Some parents and children come every week; others just come as and when they can.

“The children get to play and the parents can spend time with other parents and they can also get advice and support from staff here if needed.

“We offer them parenting support and advice on childcare so it is great for them too. I think everyone gets a lot out of the sessions.

“We try to do as many different things as possible. Our next session will have a Valentine’s theme and the children will be making cards and it will all be about sharing and being nice to each other.

“We always encourage sharing and that the children are kind to each other. The sessions teach them life skills and a lot of social skills.”

At tomorrow’s Valentine’s Stay and Play, a dental health educator will also be attending to give parents advice and to answer their questions.

The sessions take place every Tuesday from 9.30am until 11am.

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