Gallery: Felixstowe Furniture project helps those in need to live in comfort

THE Salvation Army’s charity furniture project requires a lot of organisation to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

At the heart of the project is James Alderton and Andrew Cracknell – the volunteers who move the furniture and take it to people in need.

The pair begin work at 9am every Tuesday when they pick up their van ready to transport items to people in need and also to pick up furniture to store.

The duo then carry on with their day which sees them travelling across the peninsula handing out the furniture.

The project only runs on a Tuesday due to costs but it is hoped that if they can get their own van, it will be able to operate more frequently during the week.

Twelve months of various events helped to celebrate the Salvation’s Army 125th year in Felixstowe last year.

The events were aimed, not at only celebrating the milestone, but also to remind people in the resort that they were still around.

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The Salvation Army, from its base in Cobbold Road, still offers essential services to people in the community including giving advice and support, lunch clubs and the charity furniture project.

Kathleen and Allister Versfeld, the former captains of the Felixstowe Salvation Army, said they were always thrilled to see how much work was being done in the community.

The couple have now left after seven years in the resort but have left a legacy of community projects.

Barbara Mellor, the community centre manager, added: “They were passionate about all the community projects we did.”