Gallery: First pictures of stabbed police dog back in action

AS police dog Aman bounds around Suffolk Constabulary’s grounds, you would never guess the trauma he has been through.

The six-year-old German Shepherd, who was born in Germany and understands German commands as well as English, was fighting for his life just three weeks ago after sustaining knife wounds during an incident with his handler Pc Steve Jay.

But today as The Evening Star presented Aman with some dog treats including a giant bone, he lapped up the attention and was back on form.

Speaking to the Star for the first time, Pc Jay spoke of Aman’s road to recovery, which saw him undergo emergency surgery and a number of psychological tests.

He said: “He had a number of tests, one involved an unknown person approaching him in the dark. He had to follow a trail in another test and he also had to complete an area search.

“He has recovered fine, it hasn’t really affected him at all. He is still as fast at reacting as ever.

“I was concerned about Aman because he lost a lot of blood. The vets said he was 20 minutes away from going into shock.

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“So if it wasn’t for the quick response of the vets, he might not be here today. He has been very brave, he hasn’t even limped once!”

Pc Jay and his trusty sidekick are preparing to return to the frontline on Monday after recovering from their injuries following an incident in Nacton Road on October 25.

Pc Jay explained how Aman answers to the German commands for ‘down’, ‘heel’ and ‘tracking’ and he uses them in their daily training alongside English commands.

The 52-year-old officer, who has worked in the dog section of Suffolk police for 23 years, said he was keen to return to service straight after he was discharged from Ipswich Hospital.

The duo have been partners for four and a half years and work as part of the Norfolk and Suffolk Dog Unit – meaning they can be called out to jobs across both counties.

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