Gallery: Flooded streets and rescued kittens - the photos behind the headlines

Two kittens were found abandoned in a hedge in Bramford Lane, Ipswich.

Two kittens were found abandoned in a hedge in Bramford Lane, Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

Looking back at the photographic highlights of the past week.

Elm Street, Ipswich remains closed off after a burst water main caused water to flood out across the street earlier this week.

Two kittens found abandoned in Ipswich are today safe and well thanks to the Cats Protection League - who have named the creatures after their rescuers Patricia and Neil.

A sinking feeling crept over some of the contestants in the Needham raft race while swimmer Richard Vinter is preparing for his own water-based race.

Cyclists competed in the Suffolk Tour Series at Trinity Park, while runners competed in the Kirton 5 and toddlers from Ipswich stepped up for the Big Toddle.

Chelsea Emmett is preparing for the Race for Life, after watching her younger sister battle Leukaemia and three Suffolk lads are heading stateside to pursue their number one passion - basketball.

Youngsters took part in a schools music festival at Trinity Park and one brave young woman is having her head shaved for charity.

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