Gallery: Guides show promise for the next 100 years!

SUFFOLK: Hundreds of girls and women united to remake their Guiding promise as their 100th anniversary celebrations drew to a close.

Marking the end of their centenary year, girls from Felixstowe, recited their promise by candlelight at Landguard Fort last night while Ipswich Guides saw out the centenary in a burst of colour outside the Town Hall.

Wendy Andrews, of Ipswich Guides, said: “We have 1,500 girls here from the two divisions within Ipswich.

“This is the huge finale to our centenary year and we wanted to bring everyone together to make a huge splash of colour and noise.”

Each of the girls waved glow sticks, and fireworks were let off while a Samba band played.

“We want to make sure the world knows Guiding is out there and there are lots of girls who want to be a part of it.

“What we do in the 21st Century is quite different to what they were doing when it first started.”

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Annabel Tricker, 12, of the 34th Ipswich Guides, who meet at the Ascension Hall, in Larchcroft Road, added: “Guiding has been going for 100 years and it is good to celebrate our achievements.”

The Bosmere and Bramford District made Vision 2010 memorable for their members by arranging an open-top bus tour of the villages to the north-west of Ipswich.

Linda West, who runs the 1st Bramford Rainbows and the 1st Henley Guides, said: “The girls are very proud to be Guides, we went through a time when it wasn’t the in thing but now they are far more proud to be wear their uniforms, which stands us in good stead for the next 100 years.”

The Guides stood on the top deck of the buses while Rainbows and Brownies packed the lower floors to remake their promise at 8.10pm, a moment that was shared with thousands across the world.

“We all did it at 20:10 on 20,10 of the year 2010,” said the volunteer leader.

Each group, however, added their own slant on the night to make it unique for their girls.

Sheila Battle, Commissioner for Colneir Division, which covers Felixstowe, Walton Kirton and the Trimleys, added: “We camped at Languard Fort in May and they invited us back, it was lovely to all come together in such a special place.

“The girls all stood around the perimeter and the atmosphere was lovely. We had 300 girls, as well as parents, members of the Trefoil Guild and leaders.”

The group sang traditional Guiding campfire songs and drank hot chocolate to stay warm.

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