Gallery: Heavy snow starts to fall on Ipswich

HEAVY snow has started to fall on Ipswich this lunchtime bringing joy to some but misery to others.

HEAVY snow has started to fall on Ipswich this lunchtime bringing joy to some but misery to others.

With many schools closed, children and some parents were making the most of an unexpected day off and congregated in Christchurch Park, making snowmen and sledging.

Lucy Cranmer and her children, Harry and Oliver took to the slopes with their sledges and enjoyed hours of fun.

She said: “It is great fun. The children go to St Matthew's School and they never normally close in the snow. We decided to go to the Co-op and get some sledges and they were already selling out. It's good fun.”

However for those not on the slopes, the snow was playing havoc on roads across the country and saw more than one in five people take the day off work because of the snow, a snapshot survey revealed.

A survey of more than 300 employers found of those who attempted to get to the office, four out of five were late arriving because of the travel chaos caused by the extreme weather.

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And with more snow forecast, Suffolk Police has urged motorists to take care on the county's roads.

Chief Inspector Mike Bacon, from the Constabulary's Roads Policing Unit, says: “It is inevitable that the snowy weather will make driving more hazardous, but there are a few simple precautions that any driver can take:

“Only undertake necessary journeys and keep an eye on the weather forecast.

“If you have to go out, take a fully charged mobile phone and emergency clothing and warm drinks. Ensure that you have plenty of fuel, and if you can, put a shovel and some matting in the boot. You may not need them, but together with a vacuum flask and a warm coat, they can make all the difference if you do get stuck.

“Make sure your vehicle is up to scratch, with well maintained lights and tyres and carry de-icer. Importantly don't drive until the windscreen is free from snow, frost or mist.

“Allow more time for your journey with additional stops en route, as winter driving tends to be more demanding. And if there are poor weather conditions and visibility, remember to slow down and use dipped headlights.”

For Suffolk's snow heroes see Edblog.

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