Gallery: Novel tribute to a naughty dog

DESTRUCTIVE pooch Kopek is heading for stardom today.

DESTRUCTIVE pooch Kopek is heading for stardom today.

The naughty dog caused so much havoc for owner Phil Owens that his escapades have been recorded in a new book, Kopek the Destroyer.

Mr Owens, 45, of Brunswick Road, Ipswich, penned the book after despairing at Kopek's behaviour which saw beds, pillows and a car ravaged.

In a similar fashion to the popular doggy film Marley and Me, the book explores the relationship between Mr Owens, his wife, Justine, and two-year-old Kopek, a British Inuit related to huskies.

Mr Owens, an IT service delivery manager at Ipswich Hospital, said: “He is a lovely dog with a fantastic temperament, but he is very destructive.

“He eats everything. He has eaten the bed down to the mattress several times. He ate part of my car - the car seat and the indicator stick.

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“We got him when he was a puppy and although we thought he might be slightly destructive, because he has a bit of husky in him, we didn't expect quite so many problems.

“One of the first times I came home after leaving him alone I found 24 rolls of toilet paper that he had shredded covering the carpet. It looked like snow at Christmas!”

Dad-of-two Mr Owens, said he thought the damage would have cost him at least �2,000 in total in the 18 months Kopek had lived with him.

But since he and his wife bought a second dog, Malli, a three-year-old cross German Shepherd Malamute, Kopek has calmed down.

And Mr Owens is now hoping to recoup some of the cost of Kopek's behaviour thanks to his book, which he wrote in six weeks, but spent five months perfecting.

Mr Owens added: “The book is based on my wife's love of neatness crashing against the destructive tendencies of the dog, and the need for exercise with my adverse reaction to anything physical.

“The main theme throughout is about a battle of wills between the dog and me.”

The book will be published later this year but can already be purchased at

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Kopek is the Turkish translation of the word 'dog'

British Inuit Dog

The British Inuit was originally bred from the Northern Inuit, which derives from the malamute, husky and German Shepard

They are gentle and friendly animals

They are bred to look like wolves

They are friendly, but stubborn and have a high activity level

They do not enjoy being left alone for long periods, which can lead to separation anxiety