Gallery of shame: A baffling new report claims Ipswich’s pothole-ridden roads are the best in the country, so... just how bad are they everywhere else?

IPSWICH: Motorists could be forgiven for thinking it’s an early April fool... but it’s no joke. Ipswich’s pothole-ridden streets have been named as the best in the country.

According to a report released today, the crumbling roads in Suffolk’s county town are among the top three in Britain.

The survey – conducted by motoring group the AA – will come as a bumpy shock to scores of Evening Star readers who have inundated us with sightings of mini craters since we launched our Spot the Pot campaign.

The report rated Ipswich, Taunton in Somerset and the Berwick and Borders region of Scotland as being streets ahead in terms of road quality.

Categories included the number of potholes, the state of the pavements, road markings and cleanliness.

But the findings fly in the face of Star readers who have highlighted the dozens of instances of shredded tarmac and gaping potholes.

Just this week reader Reginald Richardson reported a staggering 30 potholes in Hawthorn Drive in Chantry. Mr Richardson said: “They are massive and dangerous.”

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Potholes were also reported in Beechcroft Road, Campion Road, Clapgate Lane and Wallers Grove.

These have been added to our extensive dossier of sightings which we will hand to the county council at the end of the winter.

Today’s controversial survey, which was completed by 1,912 AA members, listed the UK’s worst roads as being in Blackpool, Oldham and Dartford. Participants recorded the frequency of 12 categories of street blight within two miles of their homes.These covered potholes, road repairs, damaged kerbs, inspection covers, road works, uneven payments, blocked drains, badly parked vehicles, litter, dog mess, bad signs and worn road markings.

AA president Edmund King said: “We shall share the results with local highway authorities to support our campaign for more investment in local streets and paths.

“Neglect of these areas has a significant impact on how people feel about where they live. Our researchers believe that potholes were the most serious issue they encountered and this pothole plague will get worse as the winter progresses.”

Suffolk County Councillor Guy McGregor, portfolio holder for roads, said: “Where significant potholes are identified by our highways officers or they are reported to us, we will repair them as quickly as possible.

“Where defects are more minor they will be repaired in good time subject to funding being available.”

n If you spot a pothole on your travels around town, give us a call or send us an e-mail to tell us where the hole is located – if possible with a postcode. Alternatively, send us your own pictures. Call our newsdesk on 01473 324788 or send an e-mail to

n Potholes can be reported to Suffolk County Council on 0845 606 6171.