Gallery: Olympic fever spreads to Felixstowe Academy

THERE is no getting away from it – Olympic fever has hit the country.

It seems to be everywhere you look at the moment.

TV adverts bearing the 2012 logo and road signs informing us of potential Olympic traffic have served to remind us that the Games are now just days away.

And as people across the country polish off their boots and trainers, young people in the resort have taken part in their annual sports days with renewed vigour in a sport-filled summer.

Both Felixstowe Academy campuses held their own individual events with Maidstone campus holding an Olympic-themed event and the Garrison campus holding a Super Six-style tournament.

Pupils were able to take part in all forms of sport with running, jumping, javelin and shot-putt giving participants the chance to test their mettle against fellow students.

And staff at both schools have been quick to admit that students have been much more enthusiastic about sport following a great deal of coverage over the last few months.

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“The build-up to the Olympics is having a positive affect,” said Duncan Jackson, head of PE at the Garrison campus.

“With the legacy, we hope to see increased enthusiasm in sports.”

Among the sports pupils at the Garrison campus were taking part in was a medley relay and a variety of other track events including 100m, 200m and 300m races.

The sports day took place at the end of last month and during the afternoon there was also an opening ceremony with each of the campus’s houses being represented – Stoppard was the eventual winner of the day.

Mr Jackson added: “It was a very smooth day and fortunately the weather held off.

“The students all obviously really enjoyed it and the relays were popular.”

This summer, which has seen the European Championships and Wimbledon watched by millions of people, seems to have contributed to the renewed love of sport.

And that is a theme which has been seen in both campuses.

And to tap in to that Mike Pearson, head of PE at the Maidstone campus, headed up his pupils’ sports day and gave it an Olympic theme.

The communities in the school – Allenby, Cavendish, Felix and Mills – were all assigned different countries for their event, which was held over the course of three days.

The days were filled with track and field events and plenty of colour as participants made flags and dressed up in the colours of their adopted countries – which were Jamaica, Great Britain, Australia and the USA.

“It was brilliant and it was a lovely atmosphere because of the Olympic Games,” said Mr Pearson.

“The students embraced the Olympic theme wholeheartedly.”

The winning house of the Maidstone campus sports day was Allenby – which represented Jamaica.

Mr Pearson added: “Despite the weather it was very successful and it was quite extensive – we had two full days of events with one morning session.”

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