Gallery: Photographic Memories from 1976

Welcome to the latest instalment of our chronological look through the Evening Star picture archives.

Today we are remembering the year 1976 and hope that these pictures spark some happy memories.

We have pictures of Murrayfield School’s May Queen Festival, Felixstowe Folk Festival and the

crowning of Levington’s May queen,and the winner of Ipswich Magical Society’s Hickson Cup, an army cadet fair at Copleston High School, all in May, the Co-op Music Festival in Fore

Street in April, and Ransomes and Rapier awards and Ipswich Boys Club football tournament, both in May.

Meanwhile, Evening Star reader Diana Barnard, of The Street, Hollesley, got in touch after a picture from last week’s look at 1975 sparked some memories.

She writes: “My husband, Tony, and I were very pleased to see the photo of the children of Springfield School saying goodbye to lollipop man, Mr Wilby, in 1975.

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“We immediately noticed our darling daughter, Natasha, aged eight, two below Mr Wilby, peeping out from behind the young man in the striped T-shirt.

“It brought back happy memories of when all our four children attended Springfield School and it also brought back memories of Mr Wilby, a wonderful,kind man.

“Not long after our children began to attend Springfield School and needed to cross over the Norwich Road Mr Wilby noticed they did not take their plimsolls (gym shoes) to school in what was then the usual way.

“They did not have a cloth bag with a drawstring because their young mother did not like sewing and hadn’t got round to making them one.

“One morning he turned up with a plimsoll bag for each child which had been ‘run up’ by Mrs Wilby.

“How about that for kindness? By the way, Natasha is now married with two children and has

lived in Canada for 11 years. We shall be seeing them soon.”

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