Gallery: Seal spotted near Ipswich’s Stoke Bridge

Look who popped up in our river as a summer visitor to the town!

After days of grey skies and rain, there was a rare outbreak of sun in Ipswich yesterday, which attracted a special seal to our waters.

The cheeky seal – who we have named Sammy – enjoyed an afternoon of playing and feasting on delicious fishes in the River Orwell near Stoke Bridge.

The cute mammal teased onlookers as he kept popping beneath the water and then emerged, turning on his tummy.

Sammy showed off to onlookers as he kept the fish in his mouth, diving in and out of the water.

The display – which delighted those gathered on Stoke Bridge and at riverside flats nearby–- was too much for the jealous gulls. Spotting the seal’s juicy catch they swooped several times to try and steal the fish, but couldn’t prize the precious morsel from his mouth.

This is not the first time a seal has swam into our waters and graced us with its presence. They can be spotted splashing about near the Stoke Bridge area at times, so it always pays to keep an eye out.

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Lisa Woods was sitting on the riverbank with two of her children – Kaitlin, 13, and seven-year-old Britney – when she spotted the seal.

The 34-year-old carer, of Turret Lane, Ipswich, said the sighting had made the youngsters’ day.

She added: “I was shocked, I was wondering what it was.

“It came close and it popped its head up a lot more and that’s when I realised it was a seal.

“It kept diving under and then coming back up with the same fish.

“I have never seen a seal here before in these waters and we’re down here quite a bit.”