Gem crem site may be halved

IPSWICH: Suffolk’s biggest crematorium could be halved in size when new environmental standards come into force in two years’ time, it emerged today.

Ipswich crematorium needs to be brought up to a higher standard because new EU regulations on mercury emissions come into force in 2012.

The option of closing the crematorium altogether and transferring the business to a new one currently being built at Nacton was considered by the borough.

But while no final decision has yet been taken, it seems as if the crematorium will remain in its current site – but could have one cremator rather than two.

Ipswich council deputy leader John Carnall said major work would have to be undertaken at the crematorium to bring it up to the new standards.

He said: “At present there are two cremators and they need to be refurbished or replaced anyway because they have been there 13 years.

“With the new regulations coming into force that has focussed our attention on what needs to happen – and we are of course also aware of what it is happening at Nacton.

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“The council has been looking at all the options, but I think we are clear that we do want to retain the current crematorium although it might be on a different scale.

“I think it is quite possible there will only be one cremator – although whether this has an impact on the number of chapels at the crematorium I don’t know.”

Ipswich crematorium was first opened in the late 1920s but has been updated many times since then. The last refurbishment was in 1997 when new cremators were installed.

Mr Carnall said a final decision about the future of the crematorium would be made later this year because it was necessary to ensure that it met the new standards by 2012.

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