Gemma's dream come true

A SUFFOLK singer and dancer's dream of winning a part in a major West End show has come true – despite being stabbed by robbers just before her audition.

A SUFFOLK singer and dancer's dream of winning a part in a major West End show has come true - despite being stabbed by robbers just before her audition.

Gemma Andrews, 23, was attacked by a hooded raider who burst into her friend's flat and grabbed hold of Gemma as she opened the door to go to her car.

The man and his accomplice demanded cash and valuables, before being spooked and running away.

But as the man let go of her, Gemma felt him jab her stomach and discovered she had been stabbed. The men also attacked her boyfriend, breaking his nose, and stole her laptop on which lots of important personal data was stored.

She was due to perform before Queen guitarist Brian May and top choreographer Arlene Phillips, of BBC TV's Strictly Dance Fever, in an audition for the musical We Will Rock You, soon after.

But when she turned up she found she could not breathe, sing or dance properly because of the stabbing injury.

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Gemma's dad, Mike Andrews who lives in Felixstowe said: "When she told them what had happened, they were brilliant and said she must not worry and offered her the chance to come back and do the audition on another day.

"On the next occasion she got the part and we are all just so thrilled - she has always dreamed of being in a West End show and this is one of the biggest musicals playing in London."

Mr Andrews and his wife Mary, Gemma's mum, of Orchard Row, Grange Road, Felixstowe, were distraught after their daughter was stabbed.

Mr Andrews said: "It was a friend's flat in London and they were just leaving to load up the car when these two men burst through the door.

"They were both wearing hoods and one was carrying a knife and he grabbed hold of Gemma.

"They were demanding money and valuables and started tipping drawers out and searching the place, but all Gemma could say was that it was not her flat and she didn't know where anything was kept.

"The police reckoned they were disturbed because they left so quickly. As the guy left, he dug Gemma in the stomach.

"Fortunately the knife cut her at an angle and didn't go in too deep otherwise it could have been very serious.

"Now though she is very nervous about being out and about late at night in London, walking or on the underground going home after finishing work."

Gemma - who grew up in Felixstowe and performed with Stage Door and Felixstowe Musical Theatre - enjoyed her opening night at the Dominion Theatre last week and will be in the show for at least a year.

Previously she was in the touring production of Boogie Nights 2 with David Essex and has also done other theatre and dance work, cabaret, and cruise ship work.

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