Getting in the swing for baby Jude

IN YEARS to come, Lynn and Peter Brady hope their son Jude's name has a legacy.

IN YEARS to come, Lynn and Peter Brady hope their son Jude's name has a legacy.

Jude was a stillborn baby and never had a chance to make an impact in the big wide world.

Today, the couple are organising a charity golf day on the back of his name - and hope to raise thousands of pounds to help others.

Mr and Mrs Brady, of Old Felixstowe Road, Sevenhills, have recruited 96 golfers to take part in the event this month, raising money for Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, and Operation Santa Claus, which awards cash to a range of charities in the area,

The couple, who have a son Travis, three, are also expecting another child in November.

Mr Brady, 42, said: “There's been something missing since we lost Jude and I'd like him to leave something here.

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“If we can raise awareness on the back of his name we can feel it has not all been for nothing.

“Between the raffle, auction and entry money, we hope to raise £4,000 to £6,000.”

The stillbirth tragedy hit the family last year .

At the pregnancy's 20 week mark, doctors discovered amniotic bands, which can trap limbs or digits while the baby is in the uterus and cause immobilisation, trapping, constriction or amputation.

They cleared after ten weeks but just a few weeks later Mrs Brady got worried as she could not feel the baby moving. Her husband took her to hospital for a scan and doctors revealed they could not find a heartbeat.

Mrs Brady was induced and went through a normal labour the following day, June 16, giving birth to Jude as a stillborn.

Mrs Brady, 33, who had previously been through a miscarriage, said: “It was a really traumatic time.

“Because we had felt him in my tummy, and knew what he was doing inside of me, it felt like we did know him.

“We held him and cuddled him and brought him home for a couple of days.

“We felt we couldn't just accept what happened and wanted to help charities which might help other families going through the same thing.”

There were no obvious signs what caused Jude's heartbeat to stop, and Mr and Mrs Brady chose not to have a post mortem as they though Jude had been through enough.

The golf day, at Colchester Golf Club, will see the winning team presented with the Jude Brady Memorial Trophy. Mr and Mrs Brady, who run a design and print management and consultancy business, are hoping to make it an annual event.

Last year they raised £1,500 for Sands via an internet donation site.

Mr Brady said: “The weeks after losing Jude were the worst times of our lives. It was so traumatic and people do not realise how many people go through this.

“In the UK very nearly 1 baby in every 100 is stillborn or dies within 4 weeks of birth.

“We had no idea how common it is and raising awareness is as big a thing for us as raising money.”

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