Giant potholes are becoming a safety hazard in Felixstowe

Michael Case next to the potholes in Plymouth Road, Felixstowe that he wants to see fixed.

Michael Case next to the potholes in Plymouth Road, Felixstowe that he wants to see fixed.

Concern has been raised by residents in a road in Felixstowe after the potholes have been increasing in size, despite attempts to get the council to intervene for more than a year.

Plymouth Road in Felixstowe is believed to have as many as 20 potholes by residents who live there, despite only being 150 metres long.

But despite persistent attempts by one resident, which even resulted in him submitting a petition, to get the road repaired, no work has yet been carried out.

Michael Case, 80, a retired shop worker and gravedigger who lives down the road, said: “It’s unbelievable really. They are just letting them deteriorate and it will be a bigger job than what it was originally.”

After initial approaches were made to Suffolk County Council, a representative came out to speak to residents and inspect the road, where it was deemed the potholes were not deep enough to be considered a priority.

Mr Case then gathered a petition of residents in the road, and in January this year submitted it to the council.

Shortly after the potholes were marked for repair on the road but work is still yet to begin.

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Mr Case added: “When you avoid the potholes you are forced to travel on the other side of the road which is a safety hazard.”

But Suffolk County Council has insisted it is aware of the problem, and that work is in the pipeline for improvements to be carried out.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: “The East Area Highways team are aware of the surface defects in the road and have raised this with contractors to carry out the works. We are currently waiting for a confirmed date for the works to take place, however we expect these to be carried out within the next 10 weeks.”