Giles Circus needs a clean-up within weeks of opening

IPSWICH: It was opened little more than a week ago, but Giles Circus is already set to undergo maintenance work after litter bugs created a sticky situation.

Chewing gum has become an issue at the newly developed area, and council workers are already preparing to clean and seal the ground.

Work started on Giles Circus in February and has cost about �650,000 - 80 per cent was funded by the Haven Gateway Partnership to help boost tourism in the town.

The project was unveiled to the public on Tuesday, September 27, but within a few days gum could be seen stuck to the floor.

A spokesman for Ipswich Borough Council told The Evening Star that the area was due to be cleaned and sealed in light of the spate of litter.

The cleaning of the site is set to begin in the coming weeks and will take place overnight, so it will not involve the area being closed to the public.

Meanwhile, a section of the site is also undergoing ancillary work in the coming weeks.

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The spokesman for the borough added: “There is some ancillary work ongoing involving some of the paving which was not finished in time for the unveiling.”

The statue, which has stood in the town for 17 years, has moved from its former position beside the parking area for motorcycles to a new plinth on the opposite side of the road.

The Giles Statue, based on the creations of famous cartoonist Carl Giles, was created by local sculptor Miles Robinson and unveiled in 1993.

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