Gran was given wrong medication

A GRANDMOTHER today told how she thought she was going to die after being given the wrong prescription by a Felixstowe pharmacy.

A GRANDMOTHER today told how she thought she was going to die after being given the wrong prescription by a Felixstowe pharmacy.

Morrison's pharmacy in Cavendish Park has apologised to pensioner Jean Pettitt after handing over strong anti-depressants instead of pain killers to the former care worker and cook.

Mrs Pettitt, 74, of Vicarage Road, Felixstowe, said she had been prescribed Tramadol for back pain but had been supplied with Trazadone - used to treat severe depression - instead.

She said: “I never looked at the box. My back was playing up so I took a couple of pills.

“Within ten minutes I thought I was dying. I didn't know what was happening to me. I thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack.

“I had to flop on the bed because I couldn't stand up. It was a frightening experience and I've been frightened ever since.”

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After sleeping for more than six hours Mrs Pettitt eventually began to recover, although she said she remains traumatised by her experience.

“It was then I looked at the box and realised I had the wrong drug,” she said. “It's never happened to me before and I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

“My name and address was on the tablets but I'm worried if someone has got my prescription.”

Mrs Pettitt's daughter Sharon Sparks said she was angry at the mistake.

She said: “Mum is very upset. She's stressed and paranoid. When I came to see mum afterwards she wasn't with it and she was very upset.

“Her doctor said it would take a week for her to get over it as they are very strong tablets. I'm worried about the long term effects and worried this may happen to other people.”

Mrs Sparks, 44, of Gosford Way, Felixstowe, said the pharmacy had sent a letter of apology and sent flowers to her mum and she praised staff there for telephoning her mother every day to check how she was.

She added: “They sent a letter of apology the week it happened and she received flowers from the pharmacy, but she got upset as she said they could have been for her grave.”

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SUPERMARKET giant Morrisons today apologised again to Mrs Pettitt.

A spokesman for the supermarket said: “At Morrisons patient care is most important to us and we apologise for the distress that Mrs Pettitt has experienced.

“The pharmacy manager dealt with the complaint quickly and correctly and has since revisited dispensing procedure with all members of staff.

“Morrisons dispense a considerable number of prescriptions every year. Errors of this type are extremely rare and are treated very seriously.”

A spokesman for Suffolk Primary Care Trust (PCT) said: “It is very important for patients to contact the PCT's Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) representative at their GP surgery, who can then look into what has happened.”