Great East Swim offers two new distances - giving even more people the chance to get involved

Swimmers take on last year's Great East Swim to raise money for charity

Swimmers take on last year's Great East Swim to raise money for charity - Credit: Archant

The Great East Swim is launching two new distances when it returns this summer, giving even more people the chance to take on the challenge.

The new Great East Swim250 and Great East SwimRun aim to widen the scope of events day on Saturday June 17 so it is inclusive to an even broader range of ages and abilities.

The Great SwimRun is an outdoor running and swimming challenge and involves teams of two people taking on a gruelling journey around Alton Water, both on land and in the water.

It includes four swims and three runs across the 11.3km course and is aimed at those who want a team challenge.

The swim course includes the start and finish areas of the Great Swims whereas the running sections combine challenging of flat surfaces and exhausting sharp climbs.

The Great East Swim250 on the other hand is for those keen to have a go swimming in the open water but are not sure where to start.

The 250 metre course is open to anyone aged eight or over and is suitable for all abilities allowing the whole family to get involved.

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You are free to take on the 250 metre swim challenge any way you like - you can swim, splash or doggy paddle your way to the finishing line . It is perfect for anyone who may feel nervous taking on a longer swim.

The new additions mean there will be seven distances on offer at Suffolk’s biggest open water swimming event when it returns from beginners to those looking for the ultimate marathon swim challenge.

Alex Jackson, Director of the Great Swim Series, said: “We’re delighted to be able to add two new distances to the Great East Swim this year.

“The Great East SwimRun is an event that has proved extremely popular across other locations in the series and we’re excited to be able to bring it to Alton Water.

“The course will offer views of some of the Suffolk countryside’s stunning locations as well as offering a challenge to those who are looking to take on something new and exciting.

“The addition of the Great East Swim250 means that more swimmers than ever can enjoy a great day of sport in the region.”

Entries for all distances at the Great East Swim are now open.

See here for more information and to book your place.