Green Party draws the crowds

SCORES of people turned out for a fair put on by Ipswich's Green Party.

SCORES of people turned out for a fair put on by Ipswich's Green Party.

The event, staged at Ipswich Town Hall on Saturday, featured a raffle as well as various stalls selling green products.

Amy Drayson, one of the event organisers and European Parliament candidate for the Eastern region, said Ipswich is gradually becoming a greener town but there is still plenty of work to be done.

“Big strides have been made recently but there is still plenty of room for improvement. We want to give people the message that they can enjoy being green. It shouldn't be about making sacrifices.

“We shouldn't see it as an insurmountable mountain - we can enjoy the small bits that we can do.”

Tim Glover, the party's parliamentary candidate for Ipswich at the next general election, said the event serves a number of purposes.

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“It raises the profile of the Green Party and it is also about getting together various people in the area who are interested in these kind of issues.

“It helps spread our own green message as well as raising funds for the party.”

Mr Glover said it has been around a decade since a member of the Green Party stood for the seat of Ipswich in a general election and he believes there will be strong support when it comes to polling time.

“I think we have got a great opportunity to make an impact.

“It is important to give people the opportunity to vote for somebody different.”