Group dismisses closure fears

AN award-winning majorettes troupe has rubbished rumours that it is folding.

AN award-winning majorettes troupe has rubbished rumours that it is folding.

Officials at the Technotronics group said the rumours started to spread after it announced it was axing its annual tattoo held in Felixstowe because council charges for the park meant it made a loss.

Russell Hampshire, publicity officer, said: “I think people must have thought that because the competition would not be held any more that we were closing the group as well,” he said.

“Well, we want to tell people that this rumour is totally untrue.

“The group is thriving and working hard on its routines ready for next year's events and competitions.

“What we are worried about is that if people think we are closing down then they will not book the troupe for events next summer.”

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The Technotronics no longer hold training sessions in Felixstowe, but meet weekly in Woodbridge.

Youngsters aged four to six go along at 5.30pm on Tuesdays at the Fred Reynolds Centre, off Peterhouse Crescent, and the seven and overs from 6pm to 8pm.

“We provide a safe and secure environment where the girls and boys can train and do something they really enjoy - it keeps them off the streets and teaches them skills and a gives them a chance to express themselves,” said Mr Hampshire.

“The group has been here many years and will be for many more.”

The troupe is looking for a major sponsor - anyone who would like to get involved should contact Russell Hampshire on 01473 824001.

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