GT BLAKENHAM: Mother’s plea follows collisions

A bereaved mother who has been begging for changes to a road for 21 years following her son’s fatal crash today supported others’ calls for action to be taken.

Following three collisions in the space of two weeks on the B1113 at Little Blakenham, including one fatal crash involving a motorcyclist, Liz Gardiner said she believes more lives could be lost unless the speed limit is reduced.

Mrs Gardiner, 69, who lives in Glebe Way, Barham, said a crash on Sunday, April 1, which killed 61-year-old prison guard Peter Mittell, was a shocking reminder of the collision that killed her 17-year-old son Paul in July 1991. “Reading about that accident stirred it all up again,” she added. “It all came back when I saw flowers on the fence where it happened.

“Though the pain eases, it never goes away. My son should be in his thirties with a family of his own - he was just snatched from my life.

“For the first few years after the accident I could barely bring myself to travel along that road. It must be hell for anyone actually living on it.”

Three years ago, Mrs Gardiner called for drastic changes to the road following the death of 22-year-old driver Abbie Pennell on the B1113 near the A14.

Traffic lights had been installed near the scene of the crash which killed Paul Gardiner but his mother believes drivers should be forced to slow down along the entire stretch of road. She said: “I’ve seen people overtaking as they approach the lights. There’s going to be an almighty pile-up before too long.

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“In my opinion some people go along there like bats out of hell. The only solution is to reduce the speed limit and enforce it.

“I hope people can see the pain I have been through and I beg them to slow down.”

A third collision in two weeks took place in Little Blakenham on Friday, when a red van and a Volvo car collided head-on, just three days after a similar accident between a car and a van which damaged a bus stop and toppled a telegraph pole.

It led resident Brendan McTiernan to also demand action be taken to address road safety on the B1113 Loraine Way, especially at the junction with Pound Lane.

Suffolk County Council has said it will review the full police reports to consider what measures could be taken to make the junction safer.