Guilty verdict for cannabis brother

A BROTHER accused of helping produce £1.5million worth of drugs in Ipswich houses has been found guilty.

A BROTHER accused of helping produce up to £1.5million worth of drugs in Ipswich houses has been found guilty.

A jury at Ipswich Crown Court today returned the verdict for Anh Hai Bui, 34, who was involved in a plot to grow cannabis at three homes in London Road, Clarkson Street and Norwich Road.

His heavily-pregnant sister Ha Phu Bui, 27, has been accused of conspiracy to cultivate cannabis and making money from crime but verdicts for her charges have not yet been returned.

The Vietnamese siblings both pleaded not guilty.

Three other Vietnamese nationals - Phuong Thi Vu, Tham Thi Hoang and Thanh Tran - earlier pleaded guilty to cultivating cannabis.

During the court case, Lindsay Cox QC, prosecuting, told how the pair were living lavish lifestyles.

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It was said Ha Phu had tens of thousands of pounds in various bank accounts and, along with her brother, bought a number of cars with cash with no visible means of income to afford them.

The pair's mother Thi Manh Nguyen claimed she gave her daughter £50,000 after saving money during two years working as a teacher in Hong Kong before moving to England.

The jury is expected to deliver verdicts for Ha Bui tomorrow.

Anh Bui has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month.