Gypsy Council rejects rumours 100 travellers will descend on Kesgrave and tells residents to back campaign for more camping provision

Travellers caravans on the site they have set up on a green behind The Farmhouse pub in Kesgrave.

Travellers caravans on the site they have set up on a green behind The Farmhouse pub in Kesgrave.

The chairman of the Gypsy Council has denied rumours more than 100 travellers are heading to Kesgrave for a religious celebration.

Joseph Jones, chairman of the Gypsy Council, also called for people concerned over the Kesgrave traveller saga to back their campaign to introduce better planning laws to provide more authorised camping provision for travellers.

Mr Jones said: “There is just a small group of people there who are they getting some medical treatment and a couple of other things. When they have finished the reasons why they are in the area, then they will just move on. What’s the problem? It happens every day of the week in the country. Why is this one getting so much publicity?

“The Twitterati has gone mad. It is just a few people in caravans doing nothing, getting on with their lives and not interfering with anybody.

“Gypsies and travellers go about their business all over the UK. Some of them have to stop in places which are unauthorised because there is not enough camping provision for the community.

“If people want to blame the gypsy/traveller community for there not being enough provision, I suggest they support more of our planning applications so we can get them through the planning system.

“If they don’t support that, then I would get on to the local council and ask them to make more provision for the gypsy/traveller community so there aren’t so many homeless people. It is quite simple.”

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When asked if he knew 100 more travellers could descend on Kesgrave tonight or over the weekend, Mr Jones said he had not “heard anything” relating to these reports.

“There was only less than 20 people there for the church service,” he added.