Hadleigh Health Centre osteopath struck off after sex with patients

Salway practiced in Hadleigh

Salway practiced in Hadleigh

An osteopath from Hadleigh has been struck off the register for a catalogue of misconducts including sex with patients which he had filmed and inappropriate sexual messages.

Nicholas Salway appeared before the General Osteopathic Council in London for a hearing this week over a string of allegations between April 2013 and January 2016 at Hadleigh Health Centre.

Among the allegations were sex with a patient in one of the treatment rooms, which Salway had filmed on his phone, and a camera having been found in one of the treatment rooms.

It was alleged Salway had a sexual relationship with a second patient at the treatment rooms over a six-month period while still treating the patient, her husband and their children, and that he sent a text message to another osteopath in which he boasted about having had sex with the patient and treating her husband the next day.

The hearing also considered allegations that Salway had used his British School of Osteopathy email to communicate with a patient inviting her for “adult fun”.

The hearing heard that Salway described himself as being able to provide “inappropriate consultations,” and that his efforts were “sexually motivated” which “transgressed sexual boundaries and/or professional boundaries”.

The hearing concluded that the threshold for unacceptable professional conduct had been met having violated a number of Osteopathic Practice Standards.

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Among those standards were those surrounding respect for patient privacy and confidentiality, acting with integrity and upholding the reputation of the profession.

“The committee concluded that the registrant consciously and deliberately blurred the boundaries between his professional life and personal life and as a consequence his behaviour has brought the profession into disrepute,” the committee said.

Salway had been on a nine-month suspension order but the committee determined that his actions were sufficient that he could not continue to practice.

The committee added: “The committee concluded that the registrant’s conduct, which evidenced a harmful deep-seated attitude, would be regarded as deplorable by the public and members of the profession.

“Furthermore, when taken as a whole, the committee concluded that the registrant’s sexual misconduct, dishonesty and breach of trust were fundamentally incompatible with continued registration.”