Hadleigh man given conditional discharge after Pc sustains arm wound when falling into window

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates' Court - Credit: Archant

A 22-year-old must pay compensation to a police constable whose sustained a deep cut to his arm after falling into a plate glass window while making an arrest.

Alexander Lant, of Meadows Way, Hadleigh, was grappling with Pc Barrie Colquhoun in George Street, Hadleigh, on April 9 when the pair fell backwards.

Lant pleaded guilty at South East Suffolk Magistrates Court to resisting arrest.

He also admitted two further offences of threatening behaviour on March 29, and criminal damage on March 30.

Pc Colquhoun had gone to The Cock pub in George Street, Hadleigh to speak to Lant. Initially Lant denied who he was, but he was recognised from a photograph.

The pair went outside to talk. Lant was arrested for the previous offences, but then tried to run away.

As Pc Colquhoun tussled with him both men fell over. The constable put out his arm to break his fall and in the process it went through a window.

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The officer realised his right arm was bleeding when he put it up to grab Lant.

Lant fled as the officer was distracted by his injury. However, a short time after he realised the trouble he was in and flagged down a police car to hand himself in.

Lant did not realise the extent of Pc Colquhoun’s injury and said he did not intend for the officer to be hurt.

The incident which led to his arrest occurred in March.

At around 3.30pm on March 29 Lant was one of three men walking in the road in George Street.

A motorist, who lived in the road, sounded his horn for them to move.

Two complied, but Lant did not and became abusive.

At 3.25am the next day the motorist was asleep at home when he was awoken by loud banging outside.

He looked out to see Lant holding a ‘black item’ which he was using to smash a glass window in the front door.

Lant then broke two other windows, causing a total of £1,500 damage.

Lant was given a six-month conditional discharge for all three offences.

However, he must pay Pc Colquhoun £300 compensation and £1,500 to the householder.

In addition Lant was ordered to pay £15 to the victims’ fund.