Happy birthday to you... and to you, and to you!

FELIXSTOWE: Birthdays are a good reason for a party in any household, but an extraordinary coincidence means one family has three causes for celebration today.

Three generations of the Bright family are all celebrating landmark birthdays on the same day – granddad Dave Bright is turning 65, mum Tracy Bright will be marking her 40th, and daughter, Danielle Harvey will be 21.

It was enough of a coincidence for Tracy to be born on the same day as her dad’s birthday, but 19 years later, her own daughter Danielle was born ten weeks prematurely on the same day in 1989.

The Evening Star reported on it at the time, saying September 20 would be an expensive time for the family from then on.

But it was only a couple of years ago that the Brights, originally from Felixstowe, realised 2010 would see them all celebrating milestone birthdays.

Dave’s wife, Linda, 62, who now lives in Martlesham, said: “My granddaughter, Danielle, wasn’t due until the end of November but 21 years ago, she was born prematurely on her mum’s birthday.

“It was bizarre – they were trying to wrap birthday presents for Dave at the bottom of the hospital bed because they had been to town to buy it when she had to go to hospital.

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“We didn’t know if Danielle would make it or not because she was only 2lbs 10oz and a full ten weeks premature. That was quite traumatic.”

But Danielle was eventually released from Ipswich Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit at around the time of her due date in November.

Although celebrating three birthdays on the same day, each year has certainly been a challenge.

Linda said: “Sometimes we had to buy three birthday cakes, or sometimes we just had one and the little one would blow her candles out, then we would re-light them and the next one would have her go, and then we’d do it all again.

“And we’d always have to sing Happy Birthday three times as well.”

They will be marking the occasion with a family celebration this evening, although the details are being kept under wraps.

Linda added: “My husband is just thrilled that he had his first daughter and first grandchild on the same day.

“It’s an amazing coincidence to have three generations on the same day anyway, then to realise they’re all going to be big milestones on the same day is amazing.”

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