Happy return to Christchurch Park for trapped muntjac deer

The muntjac deer released back into Christchurch Park.

The muntjac deer released back into Christchurch Park. - Credit: Archant

A female muntjac deer that was trapped when it got caught in a garden near Crown Pools last month has been returned to Ipswich and freed in Christchurch Park.

The deer had hurt her feet while trying to escape, and also had injuries to her head. She was thought to have strayed into the garden from Christchurch Park where there is a small group of muntjac.

She was taken to the RSPCA’s wildlife hospital in Norfolk for treatment, but was returned to the park at the end of last week.

Muntjac are the smallest deer in Britain, introduced to the Woburn estate in Bedfordshire in the 1920s, some escaped and are now found throughout the country.

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