Have your say on plans for 20mph limit in 33 Ipswich streets near town centre

Berners Street is one of the roads included in the plans. Picture: Lucy Taylor

Berners Street is one of the roads included in the plans. Picture: Lucy Taylor

Support is building for proposals to lower the speed limit in 33 Ipswich roads, with a councillor claiming it will make the area “safer, quieter and less polluted”.

Suffolk County Council (SCC) is asking members of the public to have their say on plans to enforce a 20mph speed limit in various residential streets surrounding Anglesea Road, just north of the town centre.

Ipswich borough councillor Colin Kreidewolf and county councillors Sarah Adams and Inga Lockington say they have pushed for the changes for several months in response to concerns from people living nearby.

Ms Adams said: “Action is needed to try and address the road safety problems in the area – there have been several incidents over recent times, including a fatality, speeding and many near-misses.”

Mr Kreidewolf said he had met with residents on a number of occasions to discuss the issue.

“There appears to be widespread support for a new limit here,” he added. “I really hope this can be brought in as soon as possible and make it a safer place for everyone.

“Introducing a 20mph speed limit will reduce the risk of further accidents in the area, and make the streets where we live safer, quieter and less polluted.”

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James Finch, SCC’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said an informal consultation had already been held with residents in the area, with a majority backing the lower limit.

Now the local authority is launching a public consultation for everyone to share their views.

Mr Finch added: “If no objections are received, work can begin to get new speed limit implemented, which could take as little as six months to be put in place.”

Have your say by emailing heather.miller@suffolk.gov.uk or by writing to Suffolk County Council, Constantine House, 5 Constantine Road, Ipswich IP1 2DH by February 27.

SCC is proposing a 20mph speed limit in the following areas:

Alpe Street

Anglesea Road

Ann Street

Barrack Lane

Bedford Street

Berners Street

Bowthorpe Close

Brackenbury Close

Broughton Road

Cardigan Street

Cecil Road

Constitution Hill

Cumberland Street

Dale Hall Lane

Dykes Street

Geneva Road

Graham Avenue

Graham Road

Greenways Close

Gymnasium Street

Holly Road

Ivry Street

Menai Close

Newson Street

Oban Street

Orford Street

Paget Road

Redan Street

South Street

St Edmunds Place

St Edmunds Road

St Georges Street

Warrington Road