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The Sword in The Stone, New Wolsey Theatre

The Sword in The Stone, New Wolsey Theatre - Credit: Archant

Here we bring you three letters sent by our readers this week

The New Wolsey Theatre has, since November, been putting on the brilliant Sword in the Stone – the best rock ‘n roll panto to date. This was a first class production with an exceptionally talented cast.

During its run, the New Wolsey has excelled by enabling all people to experience and enjoy live theatre, many for the first time. It has enabled those who have limiting health problems to enjoy what many of us take for granted. It was a joy to see all people respond in their own ways to the fabulous entertainment provided.

There are many who talk a good talk about social inclusion – the New Wolsey has shown that real action counts for much more. The pantomime is only one part of a whole year of varied and high class productions, so I hope that the good people of Ipswich and beyond continue to support this fantastic theatre.



I WOULD like to broadcast my thanks to Mr Ali Malik of Ipswich Hospital whose surgery saved my life on December 12, 2015.

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This was emergency surgery after a perforation of the bowel and the prospects for success were limited. Mr Malik, apart from evidently being a very skilled surgeon, was always patient and kind with my husband and family and a very attentive doctor after surgery. I was lucky he was there on that day.

I would also like to thank the nurses and support staff on Stradbroke Ward. I thought they were really excellent, always cheerful, kind and responsive.

Thanks everybody, and thanks to the National Health Service. All institutions make mistakes but we are very fortunate to have access to this quality of service.



I HOPE the artist’s impression of the ‘new look’ Ipswich Railway Station (Ipswich Star, January 19) wasn’t the final approved design.

Apart from turning a chunk of the frontage into a unnecessary pedestrian vista, it seemed to include little room for anything other than a couple of Ipswich Buses.

I dread to think where the usual line of waiting taxis, train replacement coaches, and cars dropping off/picking up folk from their travels are going to be squeezed in. Let’s hope that the final outcome encompasses room for all modes of transport.



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