Havoc the owl back home safe

OWLS about that then!The Evening Star can today reveal that the owl pictured in a back garden in Shotley Gate is not in fact Tiny, the escaped eagle owl, but Havoc.

OWLS about that then!

The Evening Star can today reveal that the owl pictured in a back garden in Shotley Gate is not in fact Tiny, the escaped eagle owl, but Havoc.

The appropriately-named bird, who caused exactly that when she flew away from her owner Kathy Bole, is now safely back at home.

When Paul and Dina Bedwell, of, Great Harlings, Shotley Gate, sent in their photo of the huge owl sitting in their tree to the Star, we couldn't help but wonder whether this was the return of Tiny-the owl that escaped from her home in Valley Road more than 18 months ago.

Following the Wednesday's story Kathy Bole has now come forward as the owner of mischievous Havoc - a demonstration bird that is brought into local schools- and the hunt for Tiny goes on.

Mrs Bole, 47, who lives in Shotley Gate, said: “I was in the garden with him as we regularly take him out to fly. I don't know whether it was the wind that caught him because it is very unusual for him to fly off.

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“We went looking around the peninsula trying to find him and eventually got a call to say he was in someone's back garden.

“When I got there, he was sitting happily in a tree. I held out a chick to tempt him down.”

Mrs Bole, who is a volunteer at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary in Stonham Barns, called the sanctuary to ask them to keep an eye out.

An hour and a half later, she got a call from them to say that the bird had been found in a nearby garden.

Mrs Bole, who came to England eight years ago from her home in New Jersey, USA, adopted the nine-month-old Indian eagle owl in March soon after she was born, and now takes Havoc into schools in the area to teach children about owls.

She added: “I try to teach children about what real owls are like rather than the Harry Potter image of owls.

“I was emotionally exhausted after all that and was just so relieved to get her back.

“I want to thank all those people who helped to look for my owl.”

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Tiny, the eagle owl that escaped from a home in Valley Road, Ipswich, 18 months ago has still not been found.

Her owner contacted The Evening Star when he saw story in Wednesday's paper in the hope that it may be Tiny but his hunt for the feathered fugitive continues.

Tiny was nine-months-old when she disappeared meaning the bird would now be approaching three-years-old.

Her owner said: “I do not know if she is still alive or not. It is a case of if she is still alive, that is good. There haven't been any sightings for a while but I am always looking out for her.”

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