Head says farewell in style

HEADTEACHER Joan Bostock arrived in style for her last day at school - after a swish limo was sent to collect her.

HEADTEACHER Joan Bostock arrived in style for her last day at school - after a swish limo was sent to collect her.

Pupils and parents and teaching colleagues gathered to welcome her at Colneis Junior in Felixstowe, a special treat on the day she retired from a full-time career in teaching after 32 years.

The old-fashioned car was organised by her husband Dave and a friend who owns the vehicle.

“I had an inkling something was going on but it was a very nice surprise - and I had no idea the children would be all lined up to meet me,” she said.

Mrs Bostock began her career as literacy co-ordinator at Hadleigh Primary before taking on the role as deputy head at Chantry Junior and then moving to Colneis Junior as head 16 years ago.

It has been a busy final year for her with the school in Colneis Road marking its 40th anniversary with lots of special events and activities.

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She was very sad to be leaving and it had been an emotional day.

“I shed a few tears in assembly when the children were singing and reminiscing. I will really miss the children and also my colleagues who have been superb and I have really enjoyed working with them all,” she said.

“When you go back over all the memories and all the things we have done here it is quite a shock to the system and it is sad to be leaving.

“I have had some bouts of illness over the past year and I just made up my mind it was time to go and to end on a high. It's been a great time.”

However, Mrs Bostock is not retiring fully - and will be embarking on a new challenge which she expects to see her working again in Felixstowe schools.

She is part-way through a training course on philosophy and intends to return to teaching.

“We have been using philosophy in school for the past seven years using picture books with even the youngest children with stories that have deeper meanings to get them into philosophical discussions, learn about open and closed questions, how to listen to other people and even to understand the technical terms,” she said.

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