Head-turning year for Andrea Hill

WHO has been the busiest person in Suffolk over the last 12 months…?No, not Suffolk's �220,000 council chief, but her hairdresser!

Matthew Tacket

WHO has been the busiest person in Suffolk over the last 12 months…?

No, not Suffolk's �220,000 council chief, but her hairdresser!

Over the last year since her controversial appointment, Andrea Hill has had more hairdos than all of Girls Aloud put together.

The press shot sent over from Bedfordshire County Council before her arrival in Suffolk was a soft, blonde, bob style.

Yet on the first day at her new job at the county, she showed she meant business as had swapped the gentle locks for a short, stern cut with a few light highlights.

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Since then her hair has grown, been snipped, coloured and curled.

At The Stars of Suffolk awards in February she turned more than a few heads when she wore a stunning blue dress and sported a longer do with flicks of red.

Her latest do is longer still and rather than opting for a cut, she has gone for strong brass-coloured streaks running through.

What I want to know is if she apparently works 70 hours a week for the council, plus sits on a board to improve one of Britain's worst-performing councils, how on earth does she get time for so many hair appointments?

Highlights take a good couple of hours and the woman clearly has a well maintained barnet, probably getting trims every few weeks to keep it in tip-top condition.

Being the public face of Suffolk must trigger a certain degree of vanity and it seems that like most Essex girls, she enjoys a regular change of image.

But has her boss changed his appearance as much? The good news about council leader Jeremy Pembroke is that he doesn't change a bit.

He may have had fewer grey hairs when he was first elected to the county council in 2001, but he certainly hasn't had a makeover!