Distress for family after wrong headstone installed at father's grave

Headstone in the wrong plot at Millennium Cemetery, Ipswich

A headstone for two other men was installed at Brandon Hayward's plot in the Millennium Cemetery, Ipswich - Credit: Lisa Hoang

An Ipswich woman has spoken of her disgust after a mix-up meant someone else's headstone was installed at her father's grave. 

Lisa Hoang and her family interred her father's ashes in Ipswich's Millennium Cemetery before Christmas but had yet to get around to purchasing a headstone. 

So when a friend called her on Wednesday evening (February 16) and said that there was a headstone at Brandon Hayward's plot, his daughter couldn't believe it. 

The mix-up was rectified within 24 hours and the family received an apology, but the experience has left Mrs Hoang feeling "angry". 

She said: "I decided to drive up there and have a look for myself before complaining about it. 

"His plot is 167 at the Millennium Cemetery but we hadn't got around to getting a headstone as yet. 

"He had a few little ornaments on the grave but to my horror when I got there it was two men's names. 

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"I was just so angry. I started to doubt whether my dad was there, whether I was at the right plot. 

"I rang the cemetery and explained and said I was angry and wanted it off there right now." 

The headstone had markings on it that showed it should have been at plot 166 - the one next to where Mr Hayward was interred. 

A council spokesman confirmed that the stonemason, who does not work for Ipswich Borough Council, had been contacted to rectify the mistake. 

The headstone was moved before 8am on February 17.

Mrs Hoang continued: "I just thought it was absolutely disgusting. I asked for an apology from the stonemason and did get one after two days. 

"I just wanted to know if the people who actually purchased that headstone were aware of the circumstances? 

"It's quite a sensitive thing and a lot of money is paid for these plots. 

"Someone's clearly not done their job properly and it's quite distressing, actually, I felt quite stressed. 

"You think that after the interment you're coming to an end, getting a bit of closure, but this was stressful. 

"It's just not acceptable and I'd just hate for anyone else to go through this."