Fundraiser for Chantry mum with 19.5cm tumour in thigh

Chantelle Kaderi and her three children on a day out

A fundraiser has been started for an Ipswich mum-of-three who has a rare form of cancer - Credit: Chantelle Kaderi

An Ipswich mum with a rare form of cancer is worried about the impact her six-hour round trips for treatment will have on her family. 

Chantelle Kaderi, 34, was given the news that the lump in her leg was myxoid liposarcoma just before Christmas 2021. 

She initially noticed the lump nine months before, a few days after her first depo injection.  

The contraceptive injection is given three months apart, so the Chantry mum questioned the lump at her next few appointments, noting it was "getting bigger and bigger" before finally being sent for tests and ultrasounds at Ipswich Hospital. 

A biopsy at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London was quickly arranged and an official diagnosis and treatment plan was given in December 2021.

The tumour in her left thigh currently measures 19.5cm.

Mrs Kaderi said: "It's a struggle and a long road to be on. 

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"I'm currently recovering from 25 radiotherapy treatments and that's painful; I have wounds and daily dressings and struggle to sit down comfortably. 

"And then I'll have the big op, because doctors are removing the whole tumour to make sure nothing is left behind. 

"They'll be removing muscle as well, I'll need physio to help me walk again."

The Kaderi children in Ipswich town centre at Christmas

Chantelle's three children are coping well - but she wants to make their house safer - Credit: Chantelle Kaderi

Because her cancer is such a rare type, her treatment needs to be undergone at the London specialist hospital, meaning she faces a six-hour round journey to scans and her planned operation. 

It costs £100 for every trip - something that isn't easily afforded with her husband's income supporting the whole family.

She said: "I'm trying to get my appointments closer if I can, because it's adding to my stress. 

"Getting childcare is difficult, it's hard being away, I get very little notice and have to drop everything and it's a struggle to find the money. 

"I have asked Marsden if it would be possible to do things more locally because everything is such a battle." 

The family are also waiting on some repairs to their council home, with fixing the back garden a priority for Mrs Kaderi.  

She knows that as she recovers from her operation - which has yet to be officially scheduled - it will be hard to take her children out to the park. 

A safer garden could improve their wellbeing as they too come to terms with her diagnosis.

The prognosis is positive, although doctors have warned Mrs Kaderi that there's always a chance the cancer will return.

A Crowdfunder has been set up to support the family with their finances, although the mum-of-three said she was "reluctant at first". 

She added: "But we're desperate, mostly for the children's sake.

"I don't usually ask for help, it's usually me preferring to be the one helping other people."