26 deaths recorded in Hadleigh during Covid outbreak

Cllr Colin Kreidewolf outside the new Handford Homes development in Ipswich.
Credit: Sonya Duncan

Colin Kreidewolf said he was not surprised by the figures for the Westgate Ward - Credit: Sonya Duncan

Hadleigh has seen more coronavirus-related deaths than anywhere else in Suffolk - with 26 recorded in one month alone.

In the nine months from March 1 to November 30 last year there were 28 deaths linked to Covid-19 in the town, with 26 of those occurring in November when outbreaks were confirmed at local care homes  and at Hadleigh High School.  

The new data has been released by the Office for National Statistics.

Mayor of Hadleigh Frank Minns said that he believed the deaths would have been largely linked to the outbreak.

“I think that was a scare,” said Mr Minns.  

He added that there had been “no sign of anything scary” in the town since the outbreak.   

Frank Minns, the new mayor of Hadleigh, has called for people to stick to government guidelines Pic

Mayor of Hadleigh Frank Minns said he was believed the outbreak in the town had scared people - Credit: Charlotte Bond

There were 17 deaths involving coronavirus in both Beccles and the Stowmarket Outer, Finborough and Battisford area.

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Westgate ward in Ipswich has seen 15 Covid-related deaths since the start of the pandemic - accounting for 26% of the 57 deaths recorded in that period, a higher percentage than anywhere else in Suffolk. 

Colin Kreidewolf, one of the borough councillors for the Westgate Ward, said that the figures were not a shock to him.  

“It doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Mr Kreidewolf.  “The areas of deprivation are most seriously affected by this pandemic. 

Mr Kreidewolf said that the numbers in Westgate would have been affected by “the concentration of families in really small housing units and by the nature of the employment that many of those people living in the area have".

He said that many families living in the ward were more likely to be working in industries where they could not work from home like food processing and care work.  

 Mr Kreidewolf said that the ward also had a particularly high density of housing.  

“I have great sympathy with those families,” said Mr Kreidewolf. 

Priory Heath and Castle Hill in Ipswich also had high rates of Covid-related deaths, with 24% of all deaths in each ward linked to the virus.

The data shows there have been no Covid-related deaths on the Howard Estate and in the Northgate area of Bury St Edmunds, nor in the combined area of Beck Row, Eriswell and Barton Mills.  

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