Determined Evelyn, 7, cuts hair to support sister suffering with alopecia

Seven-year-old Evelyn and five-year-old Daisy with their arms around one another in front of a Christmas tree

Evelyn Finley, seven, has decided to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust and raise money for Alopecia UK to support her sister who has the condition - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

A brave big sister from Holbrook is facing the big chop to raise money for the charities that support her younger sister who has alopecia. 

Evelyn Finley, seven, will be donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust in the coming days and hopes her bravery will also raise money for Alopecia UK. 

Evelyn’s five-year-old sister, Daisy, lost her hair when she was just 14 months old after catching a cold.

Daisy’s hair started to grow back, but 12 months later when she was two and a half, her hair had fallen out again. Now it’s unlikely that Daisy’s hair will ever fully grow back. 

The Finley family have been on a mission for the last three years to raise money for the charities that have supported them through their alopecia journey.

Kerrie, Stewart, Daisy and Evelyn Finley. Picture: Sarah Lucy Brown

The Finley family have been raising money for a number of years. From left to right: Kerrie, Daisy, Evelyn and Stewart Finley - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Evelyn explained: “I wanted to raise money for Alopecia UK because my sister Daisy has alopecia and donating my hair to the little Princess Trust is providing wigs for little children just like Daisy.” 

The Alopecia UK fundraiser page that the family set up has received £835 over the three years and they hope to reach £1,000 as the day of Evelyn's hair cut draws closer.

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Evelyn will brave the big chop on December 22, but she’s not too fazed by the prospect of cutting her hair off. 

She said: “I'm not really nervous about getting my hair cut because I’ve been waiting a long time to do it. And it feels really good and exciting to have raised some money.” 

Mum, Kerrie Finley, hopes that each fundraiser will help raise awareness about alopecia and in turn educate others. 

She said: “Not much is known about it which is why we’re creating awareness. Daisy has been mistaken as a cancer treatment patient before. But she’s not ill. 

Evelyn hugging Daisy

The Finley family hope to raise awareness of alopecia - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

"Although she’s different, she’s just like any other five year old. People worry and people stare, which she hasn’t been too worried about up until now. 

"I think as she gets older, she’ll recognise it more and have the confidence to explain ‘I’m fine. I have alopecia, it just means my body doesn’t like growing hair'.” 

To find out more or to donate to Alopecia UK, see here