Super slimmer Jade's incredible 15-week weight loss journey

Jade Proctor praises Slimming World for help in weight loss journey

Jade Proctor said that she just didn't like taking pictures of herself when she didn't feel good - but is much happier posing for a camera now - Credit: Jade Proctor

An Ipswich woman who lost more than two and a half stone in four months has said the weight loss has made a world of difference to her health. 

Jade Proctor, 32, went for an annual check-up with her GP and was given some harsh advice: her doctor told her that she was overweight and asked what she was going to do about it. 

She and her mum joined Slimming World a week later and Jade, who works as a carer, said she's improved her health, lifted her mood and collected more than a few certificates in the 15 weeks she's been attending the Ipswich group. 

Jade Proctor and her daughter before she started losing weight

Jade and her daughter on a trip before she began the Slimming World sessions - Credit: Jade Proctor

She said: "My doctor told me I could do Slimming World and that as my BMI was over 30 I could get 12 weeks free, which I didn't know. 

"I went home and said 'mum, you're overweight as well, can you do it with me?'. 

"It's given me something to focus on each week. And I've always loved a certificate, I like knowing I'm close to the next one and do want to do more to reach the next goal." 

Since joining at the beginning of September, Jade has lost 2st 8.5lbs and insists her health has improved as she's dropped the weight. 

Jade shows off her weight loss after joining Ipswich Slimming World

Jade Proctor has lost 2st 8.5lbs since September when she was advised to lose weight - Credit: Jade Proctor

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"I do agree with what the doctors said. I'd suffered from sciatica in my legs that was gone within the first month, when I'd lost about a stone.

"My fibromyalgia has been a lot better, so I've been taking less medication and painkillers. 

"And I've had depression and anxiety for years but have definitely felt happier. I do still have my down days, but overall I'm a lot more motivated.

"Before I'd feel rubbish for a day and just sit on the sofa but then would feel more rubbish because I'd not done anything." 

Her high blood pressure and neck and back pain has also been much-improved.  

In the same period, Jade's mother, Tracy, has lost more than 2st. The two women motivate one another - or, in Jade's light-hearted words, "remind each other to stop being lazy". 

Jade admitted that she's been a "bit of a yo-yo dieter" in the past, losing a few stone but then falling back into old habits. This time around, though, the support of the group is keeping her going.

Jade Proctor has praised Slimming World for its support

Jade was advised by her doctor to lose weight at the end of summer - Credit: Jade Proctor

"I really enjoy being with the group on a Friday. I think Rachel, the group leader, is great, she celebrates us and what we've achieved.  

"I did Slimming World before but never used to stay, I used to just weigh and leave, but this time I'm using the support network." 

The mum-of-one sounded confident about her Christmas plans too, saying she plans to enjoy herself on the day itself but stick as close to her diet as possible in the run-up and days after.

"I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and clean food - meat and fish and salad - but chocolate is my main challenge.  

"I've got a real sweet tooth so I use up most of my sins on chocolate. And we live on a road with a lot of takeaways and used to order from there a few times a week, which we don't do anymore. 

"The first few months I stuck to it rigidly, now I remember to enjoy myself a bit. You have to enjoy yourself sometimes."