Ipswich Covid jab uptake 10pc lower than other areas of Suffolk

The syringe is filled with the Covid-19 vaccine at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Pict

More than a third of people in some parts of Ipswich are yet to have any kind of Covid-19 jab. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

The uptake of Covid jabs in Ipswich is the lowest in the county, with more than a third in some parts of the town yet to have any kind of vaccine - while infection rates remain among the highest nationally.

Public Health Suffolk figures show take-up in the town is at 73.3% for first doses and 68% for second doses which 

This is up to 10% lower than some areas of Suffolk, which has an 82.4% average for first doses and 77.6% for the second. 

This week, Ipswich's infection rate became the highest in England and is currently at 865 cases per 100,000 people. 

Fresh calls have been made to boost the low take up and from November 1, face masks will be reintroduced into schools to curb growing rates. 

Public health director Stuart Keeble told Radio 4 on Thursday more than half of Covid cases are in young people under the age of 19 but was starting to spread to other groups. 

A Public Health Suffolk spokeswoman said: “Ipswich Borough is certainly a focus area for our vaccination work as it has the lowest vaccination uptake across all Suffolk’s local authorities.

Broken down further into areas of the town, Westgate had the lowest take up for a vaccine with 56.4% – having had a first dose.

This was followed by Ipswich Central (61.7%) and Gipping and Chantry Park (64.8%) the next lowest.

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The highest take-up in the town is in Castle Hill at 86.3%, Broke Hall with 84.9% and Belstead Hills (82%).

In addition, only 10.4% of 12-15 year-olds in Ipswich have had a jab compared to 14.7% for Suffolk as a whole.

Ipswich ranks 290th out of 347 lower-tier council areas for first doses, and 282nd for second doses.

The public health spokesman said: “The community engagement team visits areas of low vaccination uptake on a regular basis.

“We have one-to-one conversations with people in public places such as parks, shop parades, schools and answer any queries, provide advice and support."

In the last two weeks, outbreak teams have responded to seven outbreaks - deemed two or more positive cases - with four at schools, at Ipswich Hospital, one care home and one learning disability setting.

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