Carers, blue badge holders and staff fined by Ipswich Hospital ANPR parking

It is hoped the new technology will mean visitors don't overpay for their stays

The ANPR system at Ipswich Hospital is aimed to make things easier for people going to appointments or to A&E. - Credit: Archant

Drivers claim they have been incorrectly fined by Ipswich Hospital for parking under the ANPR system. 

Since the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system was introduced in May, which allows people to pay for parking using their bank card, mobile phone or with cash, a cancer patient, blue badge holders and staff have been fined after using the car parks. 

All claim they either paid, had entered in their details so they can be exempt from a parking charge while getting a procedure done, are blue badge holders or have staff permits. 

Emma Rudiger was another person fined under Ipswich Hospital's ANPR system

Emma Rudiger was another person fined under Ipswich Hospital's ANPR system - Credit: Emma Rudiger

Carer Emma Rudiger was "disgusted" when while getting her dad's eyes tested on May 27 she was fined a few days later just like a cancer patient who was fined twice, which this newspaper reported on last week. 

Ms Rudiger, who will appeal, said: "This brings more stress on. This thing isn't right."

Staff, who can currently park for free, have also been given parking tickets. One member of staff, who asked to be anonymous, said she has four and counting along with the others on her ward. 

She said: "We have lost lots of parking spaces to Woodlands and now having more space taken away from staff this end for visitors."

Another blue badge holder, who asked to be anonymous, got the fine when she "frantically" dropped her father-in-law at A&E. 

She said: "I have always parked up there with the blue badge so when I received the parking fine I was absolutely disgusted. 

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"I am appealing against this and I will definitely not be paying it. They can take me to court. The last thing people worry about in an emergency is parking their car."

More people also said under the Ipswich Star's Facebook post that they had a blue badge and followed the rules and they were still fined along with cancer patients.  

Director of estates and facilities at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) Paul Fenton "thanked" people for letting them know. 

He added: "We appreciate it’s a different system and it will take time for people to get used to it.

“If anyone believes they have been fined in error, we’d strongly encourage them to contact us directly and we will investigate further.

“The trust has an appeal process in place for anyone who feels they have been unfairly fined – just send an email to The team are here to help and are very happy to listen to appeals.”

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