Dad says baby son was his 'inspiration' for recovery

Stuart, Kayleigh and Theodore Green having a great Christmas after Mr Green recovered from surgery. 

Stuart, Kayleigh and Theodore Green having a great Christmas after Mr Green recovered from surgery. - Credit: Stuart Green

A father has told how his young son helped him overcome the depression he was suffering as a result of years of living in pain from a nerve condition.

Back in 2018 Stuart Green, from Ipswich, stood up and in doing so managed to injure his back, he was in immense pain and was later told he had a herniated disk.

He was 28 at the time and his wife was expecting their first child.

"I could not stand for more than minutes," he explained. "I was really bad for a while and had to rely on painkillers to get through the day.

"I thought I pulled a muscle and found out later on.

"In September 2019, we found out my wife and I were pregnant, and I keep thinking how am I going to be a father, how am I going to do things with him. I had to prepare myself for this."

The pain and lack of mobility took their toll on Mr Green.

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"I found myself getting depressed and becoming really down. I could not do much and could not say yes to going places. 

"I gained weight during this time."

Knowing he needed to turn his life around for his young son, in late March 2020 Mr Green had an operation to repair his back. 

Speaking of the operation, he said: "For me it was like a weight had lifted. I haven't felt anything since. 

"It was amazing, such a complete change and my mental health is so much better."

Just as he was getting his life back the Government introduced the first lockdown but rather than sinking back into a dark place, Mr Green had a new zest for life.

He took full advantage of lockdown and being furloughed from his role at Ipswich Museum, Mr Green started writing. 

Stuart Green works at Ipswich Museum

Stuart Green works at Ipswich Museum - Credit: Stuart Green

"Our son is now 18 months old, and the best person on the planet," he said. "Getting to spend that time locked down with him was a blessing, and something for which I am always grateful."

The dad has now finished his book, which is an homage to the great pirates of the 18th century and a "love letter" to Ipswich, Woodbridge, Felixstowe and north Essex areas of Manningtree and Harwich. 

He also launched a podcast, A Right Good Tale, in which he discusses storytelling and topical events.