Nursing class looking to reunite after four decades

A photo from 1982 of training nurses at Ipswich Hospital

The reunion organisers remember all the names - but don't know how to get in touch with a handful of their former classmates. Beverly Underwood is front row, third from the right - Credit: Ipswich Hospital

Do you recognise any of these nurses that started training at Ipswich Hospital in 1982? 

A reunion is planned for this class of nurses, who began their general training 40 years ago this April. 

But despite many of those pictured staying in touch, there are three or four faces that nurse specialist Beverly Underwood would like to track down -- in the hope they'll accept the invitation to the reunion event. 

Beverly, who now works at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Trust, said: "We're trying to contact everyone in our class for a big reunion. 

"It's 40 years since we started our training and our group was one of the last cohorts to take original state finals. 

"We started on April 19 1982, and finished in summer 1985 -- just after Band Aid. 

"Everyone spread apart -- I'm not long back from the Middle East and I know others worked across the world. 

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"We've had periodic reunions, at the five- and 10-year anniversaries, but I don't think we've ever all been together since we finished our training. 

"There's a few people none of us know how to get in touch with, but it would be amazing to get everyone back into the same room." 

If you're one of the faces pictured and you'd like to be contacted by Beverly about the reunion, get in touch at