Blood donors from African and Caribbean backgrounds sought

Black woman donating blood

People of colour from African and Caribbean heritage backgrounds are being urged to donate blood - Credit: Shaquille Stephen

People of colour from  African and Caribbean heritage backgrounds are being sought as Sickle Cell Suffolk hosts its first ever blood donation session at Trinity Park.

The Ipswich-based support group is looking for 10 people to consider donating blood to those suffering from sickle cell disorder.    

People who would like donate blood at the session need to first register as a donor on the NHS website and answer a set of questions to ensure they are medically safe to donate blood. 

Elaine Tappin, sufferer of sickle cell disorder and coordinator of the organisation, explained why sickle cell can be such a debilitating condition.  

She said: “Sickle cell is known for its pain. It’s excruciating pain, pain like you would never believe. It feels like someone is hammering your bones.  

“And a sickle cell crisis can last minutes, days, weeks or months.” 

Elaine went on to say that if a sickle cell crisis becomes so bad, a blood transfusion may be needed. Some sufferers need regular transfusions which is why Black donors are desperately needed. 

The session at Trinity Park will take place from 10.45 am to 11.50 am on October 19. If you would like more information email here.

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