Meet the babies born in 2020

baby indie harley rosa howlett with green blanket

Indie Harley-Rosa Howlett was born on October 29 - Credit: Family of Indie

This year while we stayed home hundreds of families in Suffolk welcomed new arrivals in to the world.

Lio Clifton laying on elephant

Lio Clifton was born on September 13 - Credit: Family of Lio Clifton

Jace being cuddled by mum

Jace John Le-Gros was born on September 27 - Credit: Family of Jace John Le-Gros

For the babies of 2020 there were no hospital visits from proud siblings or welcoming parties as they arrived home to meet their extended families, instead they were shielded from the world to keep them safe.

Eddison Beau in navy jumper

Eddison Beau was born on July 30 - Credit: Family of Eddison Beau

New mums faced a daunting introduction to motherhood, learning on the job without the support of family and friends.

Jace being cuddled by mum

Jace John Le-Gros was born on September 27 - Credit: Family of Jace John Le-Gros

Baby groups which are so vital for parent' mental wellbeing as well as the development of their newborns were put on hold and trips out were limited.

Jaykob King newborn

Jaykob King was born on February 1 - Credit: Family of Jaykob King

Today we want give all of the new parents a chance to show off their 2020 babies as we celebrate the children born in lockdown. It is important not to forget the parents who have been keeping them safe during these unprecedented times.

Jax Cillian MacDonald

Jax Cillian MacDonald was born June 21 - Credit: Family of Jax Cillian MacDonald

Welcome to the world babies of 2020.

Erin lilly after her birth

Erin-Lilly Peacher was born on July 4 - Credit: Family of Erin-Lilly Peacher

See Wednesday's EADT for four pages of baby photos - or log on this week for more babies born in 2020

Elsie Mae Prime

Elsie Mae Prime was born on September 6 - Credit: Family of Elsie Mae Prime

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