Ipswich MP Tom Hunt: Why I am voting against Covid-19 Plan B

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Tom Hunt has confirmed he will be voting against the governments Covid plan B tomorrow - Credit: Archant

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has confirmed he will be voting against the Government's coronavirus Plan B as he believes it could lead to "more and more draconian restrictions coming about in future".

Mr Hunt has said the pandemic has already "taken a sledgehammer" to the mental health of his constituents, but is still urging people to get their booster jabs - which he says is the best our best defence against the virus. 

Explaining his reasons for voting against the bill, Mr Hunt said we should not adopt a "just in case" approach to Covid restrictions because he believes if we do, we will end up continually seeing restrictions reintroduced. 

"I fear that the mindset and logic that led to Plan B could lead to more and more draconian restrictions coming about in future and this isn't something that I'm prepared to accept without an extremely strong justification," he added.

"After getting towards two years of Covid restrictions I'm really not sure whether either our society, or economy, can handle it."

Mr Hunt also believes there is no evidence that justifies Plan B suggesting that the Omicron variant is milder than any other Covid variant we have seen so far. 

“It is often the case as viruses develop they become more transmissible but less deadly," the Ipswich MP said.

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"The emergence of the Omicron variant appears to be consistent with this.

“I do accept that the 30 or so mutations that Omicron has mean if you're only doubled jabbed the vaccine is less effective.

"However, it also seems clear that getting the booster jab ensures that you have solid levels of protection against Omicron.

Norfolk is on track to offer every adult their first vaccine by the end of July, predicts a Norwich GP.

All adults are being offered the Covid booster jab before the end of the year - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"I support the Government's campaign to offer the booster jab to everyone above the age of 18 this month. I'm currently in the process of arranging my own. The vaccine, as has always been the case, is our best defence."

Mr Hunt has also said the country "cannot go on this way" for any longer and believes the working from home guidance will cost the economy billions and hurt the hospitality industry that is working so hard to rebuild from the past 20 months. 

He added: "Young workers are also having their development stifled as the room for mentoring and relationship building is snuffed out.

“Covid-19 has taken a sledgehammer to the mental health of my of constituents and millions of people of all ages up and down the country.

"The doom and the fear of looming restrictions in themselves is enough to send millions of our fellow country men and women literally into depression."

The MP has said that "life is for living and it's time to live without fear" as he believes that the vaccine is an effective way to live with Covid.

“Of course, the views of scientists are extremely important," he said.

"I can assure you over the weekend I've spent a lot of time reading their views and the data they produce.

"However, we need to follow a course that is proportionate and takes into account not just COVID as a public health challenge but also the devastating impact of restrictions of livelihoods and mental health.

"Also let us not forget how often many of these scientists' projections have proved so wrong."

Mr Hunt finished by saying he has considered all views from his constituents but believes voting through Covid Plan B is "not the best" thing to do for the country.